1. Momoyama Roll

The namesake of the restaurant. The core is composed of 2 crisp shrimp tempurea complimented by crunchy cucumbers and soft avocados. Topped by alternating fresh tuna and salmon sashimi as well as a variety of savory Momoyama sauces, it is no wonder why this roll is a favorite among customers.

2. Momoyama Sushi

Momoyama boasts the freshness of its sushi. We carry only the freshest possible in the area, even the coveted Bluefin Tuna Toro and Uni.

3. Authentic Japanese Menu

Japanese cuisine does not consist of only sushi/sashimi and Teriyaki/Hibachi meats. If you are feeling ever so adventurous, come in and try out our authentic Japanese menu, consisting of anything from Miso Ramen to the Kama of the Yellowtail (Burikama). Both are top sellers which are hard to find in other restaurants around the area.

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